miércoles, 25 de noviembre de 2009

Organised versus Non- Organised , but both organic.

I have two vegetable beds on the go at present. Basically a test to see if organised or unorganised gives better results.

At present i am pleased with both beds and we are eating a selection of fresh green leaves at the moment in the form of lettuce, endives, swiss chard and spinach.

I am still picking tomatoes from one of the "net-houses" and have a load of peppers to take off the plants in the greenhouse and in the vegetable bed at the house.

The cabbages which are grown in an orange grove, with irrigation in between the trees have grown enormous. Some more plantlings have been planted in their place which will be ready for cropping march.

The time has come to plant onions and garlic, i have planted some red sets and white plantlets. I will sow "Lisboa" in january as it is just such a nice onion.

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