domingo, 27 de septiembre de 2009

celery - apio - api


The Sunday Press

This cold press i will use for goodness knows what. But I like it

Peas - o bolitas verdes

Planted sept 23rd, variety Lincoln.
I will "nip" them out in a few weeks when they have settled into their new home, and pop a support round them.
I will spray with Neem Oil very week to avoid the onset of Fungi as it is pretty wet here at present. Dosage 2cl per litre.

jueves, 24 de septiembre de 2009

September Reins

The summer has been hot and dry, just for a change, here in The Costa Blanca. The second "spring" has sprung.

A quick look back at the main part of the season- what's grown well? Everything. Apart from some brocoli planted too late in the season which quickly bolted into flower.

Problems - loss of tomatoes production due to tutta absoluta. It really is a 4x4 pest. The sucess story,if it can be called that, is the newly constructed "net-houses". I built these with complete crop isolation in mind, and it has worked with the late tomatoes, a crop which is particularly vulnerable to tutta attack. Sounds a bit rum "tutta attack"- answers on a postcard. has a good guide to this nasty .

High-notes. Cucumbers, peppers, potatoes, onions, leeks, artichokes.

Super high-notes. The quality of fresh fruit and vegetables that we have eaten throughout the year.

Current agenda: Soil preparation for next year has begun as a crop rotavation system is used. Lots and lots and lots of recycled compost has be dug into the ground to improve the moisture retention and general stucture,along with a little bit of well rotted ckicken manure. My own grapes have been regular this year, but a client's moscatels have been super sweet.

Late peaches will be ready for picking around the week of the full moon of October. Peppers and toms to be picked.

Planting; I have just planted beetroot, leek, lettuce, celery, cabbage, peas and beans in the form of plantlets.