martes, 25 de enero de 2011

Swiss Cheese plant - Monstera Deliciosa


Still no fruit, however I have palnted another half dozen underneath the limes lemons and limonquats - along with strawberries.

The monstera was one of my first plants as a child, that along with coleus and geraniums. I soon graduated to tomatoe seedlings, named chrysant and dhalia cuttings. Well I could sell these via some shops that my mother and grandmother owned.

How time passes - when I have planted monsteras for their fruit.

There has been a chaotic route to arrive at this idylic spot in life.

The fruit takes some 9 months to rippen, and as of yet I have not even seen glimpse of a flower. They say the fruit taste like Jackfruit, which is all well if you know jack,thankfully the internet is a place of resources and it also tastes like pineapple.

I did latin at school and deliciosa sounds pretty scrumptious, i'll be patient and wait. And i'll probably plant some more. I like the leaves for flower arrangements and the will give more shade for the strawberries.


what a flymo dm does

And this is what the flymo dm does best. Not a brute of a machine, more of a gentle help.

Flymo DM

I got this machine when I was 14 and it has satyed with me since then.

Trbajos de enero

Trabajos de enero.

A light rotavation of the soil - top 10cm- to aireate and prepare for planting. This spring i am not going to put any more manure on the plots. They have, for 5 years, had chicken , horse and bull manure and a lorry load or two of recycled compost in overadequate proprtions.

Take out all peppers and tomatoes that are in the greenhouses.

Plant onions, lettuce, and brassicas. Sow tomatoe seeds and lots and lots of marigolds. Raddishes do well at this time of the year and sow all herb seeds.

Prune grapes apples pears roses