viernes, 30 de octubre de 2009

Compost - Recycling

Busy recycling -yes i have taken to riding a bicycle again. Thankfully there is no photographic proof of this.
In the garden i have a couple of big blue plastic barrels which i use for re-cycling about everything i can. Before using them, i ground off the top and drilled lots of air holes with a 50mm
hole cutter all the way round and in the bottom. All in all, about half an hours effort.
All the compostable kitchen stuff is put in the buckets, along with newspapers, garden rubbish, even the dusty leaf mould stuff thats picked up by the blower thingy whilst at clients.
I add a bit of chicken manure to the barrels and a couple of buckets of the re-cycled compost from the local compost shredder.
The finished product is an earthy smelling very dark looking humus which i use as a mulch and a great soil conditioner.

domingo, 18 de octubre de 2009

Beetroot - Remolacha - Remolatxa

I purchased some beetroot translpants from a lovely lady in Denia, very knowledgable and a source of infromation about "la horta valenciana". Her shop is called the bodgea de Teresa Pastor and it is just on the entrance to Denia before the bus station. She has the widest selection of plant transplants I have came across in the area.
The beetroots have been in the ground a couple of weeks and are doing well.

martes, 6 de octubre de 2009

Beans - Judias - Bajoquetes

The late beans are doing well.

Las judias tardias estan creciendo bien.

Las bajoquetes tardeanes van be

Neem oil at 2cc/litre every 14 days

Aciete del neem 2cc/litro cada 14 dias