jueves, 30 de julio de 2009

Canna - Richard Wallace

My uncle Ritchie would have been proud of this flower bearing his name. Can grow up to 2m.

domingo, 26 de julio de 2009

Canna - Red Dazzler

Canna "Red Dazzler"
Plenty of light , plenty of water, and a bit of diluted Neem Oil applied by sprayer to keep beasties and fungi at bay.

sábado, 25 de julio de 2009

Canna - Orange King

Outsatnding Canna big bright orange flower - luciois reddy bronze foliage.

Water Melon - Sandia- Melon d'Alger

jueves, 23 de julio de 2009

Cannas - Available from September

The news on the canna front is good.
The propogation of 4 trusted varieties of cannas is superceeding all expectatcions and the canna rhizomes should be in excellent condition.They will be available from early september onwards.
A little about the cultivation Cannas. In Spain they like to be planted pretty deep, as they like well prepared rich soil. They are rather ravenous in their appetite so some well rotted manure, preferably chicken , should be put in the ground.
Water freely in summer preferably with a drip irrigation systems feeding every month with a balanced liquid fertiliser.
If there is a risk of frost the crown of the plants must be protected with a form of mulch. Every couple of years they like to be sub-divide to prevent overcrowding.
Disease and Insect, pest: Canna is a hardy plant not much affected by disease and pests. Although some bacterial and fungal diseases like bud rot (Xanthomonas sp.), rust (Puccinia thaliae), stem rot (Pellicularia rolfsii) and canna mosaic virus may infect the plant. Diseases can be prevented by using only healthy rootstocks. I like to spray during the spring and summer months with a little Neem Oil at a rate of 2cc per litre as a preventative fungicide/insecticide.
Cannas can grow tall enough to form a summer hedge and generally speaking are sort of bold and brashy.
My uncle was called Richard Wallace and this was the first variety of canna that I planted. A sort of non-family hodoo! The variety name first atracted me, however the large green leaves and bright yellow flowers soon won me over. The other varieties are "Red “Dazzler” which has large dark redish/maroonish leaves and large audacious flowers. "Mediterranean King" has green foliage with yellow/red flowers.And last but not least "Orange King" again with reddy/bronze foliage. The 4 varieteis are from tall class of Cannas.
As a house plant they fall into the easy to look after category.
Spray regularly with water, put in a place with plenty of light.

miércoles, 15 de julio de 2009

Festes and it is. Thanks Bonaventura

Half way through fiestas and all is well. The neem applications are keeping things under control in the green field. Melons are looking good, I just hope they are sweet.

Tomatoe report- bad-ish news.the tutta absoluta thingy is in full production, despite the current crisis it is multiplying rapidly.

Leeks and maize are surpassing expectacions, brocoli however a bit of a disaster - i think it is just too hot and the flowers don't stay compact.