miércoles, 15 de julio de 2009

Festes and it is. Thanks Bonaventura

Half way through fiestas and all is well. The neem applications are keeping things under control in the green field. Melons are looking good, I just hope they are sweet.

Tomatoe report- bad-ish news.the tutta absoluta thingy is in full production, despite the current crisis it is multiplying rapidly.

Leeks and maize are surpassing expectacions, brocoli however a bit of a disaster - i think it is just too hot and the flowers don't stay compact.

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  1. Thank you very much for your visit. Although I do not understand the garden but gardening, I like the work done with the same elements: earth, water and sun.
    Congratulations on this green space.

  2. Como se puede conseguir el neem??...Gracias

  3. Hola

    Me gustaría saber cómo adoptar un Ginkgo Biloba y todo aquello que creas conveniente saber sobre este árbol milenario
    Muchas gracias y enhorabuena por tu web y tu blog!!