domingo, 5 de mayo de 2013

"Magical Encounter" in the Costa Blanca

Whilst on sabatical I have some time to get out and about and look at some of the horticurtural projects on the go at present in the Marina Alta. 
A "magical encounter" was had today in "el jardin de los lirios" in Marnes. We found it a little difficult to locate, well we didin´t think to look for directions before we set out, so a tip here is have a good look at the map before you set out. The garden is open from 28th March until 31st May.
Although the Spanish name for the garden mentions lirios, it is escentially a wonderful collection of bearded iris with more than 500 varieties on display and many of those varieties on sale. A number of spring bulbs have been planted so a good show of tulips and ixias would have been had earlier in the season. Along terraces of olives are salvias buddlejas rosas all planted in a natural harmony.

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