domingo, 31 de octubre de 2010

garden maitenance or bad thought process??

I maintain a large school not too far from where i live. It amazes me the stupidty of the design of the green or garden area.
Surrounding the concrete playing fields there are mature oilve trees, the olives when ripe fall and are like marbles for the kids to play football on. Maybe that is the secret of why the Spanish National football team are current world and football campions.
Eucalyptus trees have alson been planted, they stand at some 12m and constanly shed bark and branches regularly fall, on top of the goals. I presume Iker Casillas trained there and that is why he is so slight of foot.
The public car-park has those stupid flower beds - those of some 40cm broad, which only serve as rubbish collectors.
I suppose there must be something in the rumour that the original design was comissioned by some cousin of Paco who's kids don't go to that school.

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  1. I am very glad to find this kind of comment.

    There are very few people with guts, criterion, credentials or character with the good will to express how much gardening stupidity is around us in the urban context.

    I am not much into photography, but Santa is bringing a camera..In 2011, I will run a series of photo essays in any of the blogs, to share the national butchering of trees,
    total inadequate selection, lame garden installations by landscape architects and all that is wrong around me...

    Excellent post. Good luck in your projects.