domingo, 16 de mayo de 2010

blogging lack

A quick note in blogger's land to say all is well.
Fortunately the vegetable patch is having to play second fiddle to roof and vertical gardening planning and instalation. I have planted bush tomatoes this year, which i will cover with a net to keep out the tutta,peppers, beans,onions, cucumbers, kale, cougettes and aubergines. Just a few of each for our own personal use.

The xeriscape at Ocaive is doing very well. The autochthonous plants are thriving whilst some carefully chosen Australian and South African imports ( calliestemon and agapathus,etc) are surpassing expectations in there adaptation to their new home. A very wet spring has no doubt helped. The rabbits, which abound in the area, have been a little rampant in thier destruction of the flowers of the diasies which i planted, so a wire cage has be put round them to give them a little protection until they "get up" a little.

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